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Posted on Feb 8, 2021

Anitech Occupational Hygiene

Anitech has a team of qualified occupational hygienists, from a range of different industries, that can work with your organisation to help it achieve regulatory compliance, actively promote the protection of workers, and ensure that everyone has the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their work environment is safe and supportive. Our team can come onto your site, and conduct a range of different occupational hygiene tests, including:

Assessing the indoor air quality, to ensure that the air is free from potential contaminants that could impact its quality.
Assessing the noise decibel levels of loud worksites to gauge whether the noise is within industry compliance, and if not, implementing a clear action plan regarding what steps can be taken to get the noise levels under control, and keep workers safe.
Assessing potential chemical and dust exposure risks, and developing a plan to get them under control.
Conducting an ergonomic assessment of the work environment, to ensure that the physical workspace is safe, obstruction free, utilised to maximum capacity, and safe from ergonomic hazards.
Lighting assessments.
Assessing potential radiation exposure.
Assessing the quality of onsite ventilation, and working to ensure that it is unobstructed and contamination free.
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